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TheRappingCPA website is not operated for profit, and therefore you will never see advertisements posted on the site.

Sponsors should inquire by contacted if interested in having featured or sponsored content (i.e. a company music video, a product shout out in a song or article, a branded article written, or any sort of social media promotion done on the organizations behalf)

For subscribers: your email address will always be kept private and is secured using the Wix Unlimited Premium website package. Your information will never be shared or used for any other purposes than sending TheRappingCPA news per our Quarterly Report.

Disclaimer: some audiences may find content distributed by TheRappingCPA as offensive. All content is "view at your own discretion" and therefore we are not liable for anyone being offended by, don't be a whimp. Content is developed under the Carricktor brand, however TheRappingCPA strives to be a professional character and only provide content relevant to it's followers. 


FYI: Carricktor produces content that is often offensive, edgy, or risque and therefore those fans of TheRappingCPA who wish to also view more popular and general topic content should be warned that some of the content you may see on the Carricktor page will not be politically correct.


If you have any suggestions for TheRappingCPA page, please contact us via the contact form on the tab above.

If for any reason you must contact the administrator immediately, due to legal, or if there is an urgent matter, or if you have sent mail to the contact form and suggested emails and have not received a response, direct message through the Facebook page or send an email to with the subject line: TheRappingCPA [Urgent}

Thank you for your cooperation and support!


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