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C3 Evolution Group is a multi-faceted and modern firm with an accounting and tax arm, educational arm, advisory arm, and media production arm. Their most popular show, 'The Entrepreneurial CPA' has grown many branches and extensions since it's inception and launch. 

After connecting at the NY Accounting and Finance Show, the group linked up with The Rapping CPA to create a new show, 'The Millennial Mind' to discuss engaging and utilizing millennials and better understanding the generational culture.

Since 2014, Grant Thornton, one of the largest public accounting firms in the world, began a culture transformation process to evolve to the changing demands of clients and employees in the industry. They also made a push to move toward a professional services brand and reputation with new marketing.

In 2016 The Rapping CPA was asked to create an internal video skit and music video informing GT constituents how the firm was planning to become the Firm of the Future and truly differentiate.

Support the Kid is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds for children fighting cancer and providing resources to their families. 

As part of a list of annual fundraisers, Support the Kid hosts an annual pub crawl. They reached out to The Rapping CPA to build hype and help promote the event, named and themed 'That 70s Pub Crawl', by creating an original music video and performing at the event itself.

Twitter verified, Meri Amber is an Australian geek-pop star known heavily in the Twitch and anime community. She performs at Comic Con type events and festivals, and has been growing her audience in her industry for many years.

Occasionally, Meri dabbles in the accounting industry, and naturally decided to collaborate with The Rapping CPA to create "Materiality". The international collaboration has been enjoyed by public accounting music/content connoisseurs across the globe.

Mount St. Mary's University, located in Emmitsburg, MD, is the country's second oldest Catholic university, and has been a staple of the Northwestern Maryland culture as a Division 1 Athletics school.

After over a decade without a mascot, The Rapping CPA was involved in creating, developing, and launching the new Mascot (Emmit) and subsequently assisted the MSM Office of Development in raising awareness for Philanthropy Day by developing a fundraiser song and music video.

The Daily CPA is a millennial driven and oriented accounting news medium, producing articles, videos, and podcasts about the industry ranging from tax regulations and accounting policy to culture and innovation.

The Rapping CPA was asked to join The Daily CPA's Nick Nappo in discussing how firms can address the future, changing culture and opinions, add value, and deal with the millennial conversation.

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