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About The Rapping CPA

Known in the accounting and finance world as Petty Ca$h, Drew Carrick took his passion for content development and rapping into the professional Thought Leadership and social media influencer world by forming The Rapping CPA brand in 2015.


After earning his accounting degree, and subsequently his MBA concentrated in marketing, Drew promptly completed the CPA examination in New York, and continued his five year public accounting career at Grant Thornton, while building his "street credit" as an industry influencer, thought leader, financial and strategic analytics wiz, and millennial expert.  

Continuously, he has demonstrated his ability to think outside the box and problem solve for companies in industries across the board through his blended analytical and creative approach. He has continued to help evaluate the innovative health of businesses, and has contributed to strategic initiatives geared toward adapting to modern business problems, as well as providing unique branded professional content for a variety of entities.

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