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Modern Wealth is a brief (approx. 45 pages) e-book available for download, normally $10, but is available for free to followers and subscribers of TheRappingCPA on Instagram & YouTube.


Once you subscribe, send a DM to @TheRappingCPA and I'll send you the password to access the book. Just come back to this page and click on the book to the left and it'll download for you. 

Ever wonder how all these "online entrepreneurs" make all their money that allows them to travel the world while they live the "laptop lifestyle" and now want to teach YOU how to do exactly what they do?! Well, rather than wasting your time with pointless webinars and paying money to be part of groups, just purchase Modern Wealth and get all the secrets revealed to you in one short, concise, and entertaining read!

MW: The New Way of Making Money in the 21st Century was written in 2017. It is independently published. 


 All Rights Reserved The Rapping CPA

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