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The Rapping CPA: A Thought Leadership Brand

The Rapping CPA is a personal brand, and multi-faceted Thought Leadership Influencer in the accounting, finance, business, and consumer product markets. The brand is recognized as a producer of engaging and entertaining individualized content  that is developed in house.

After the rapid success of his original hit music video, the "Public Accounting Anthem", The Rapping CPA quickly built a reputation for being the most creative accountant in the industry. 

It wasn't long before he was asked to be featured in various Thought Leadership publications, opine on millennials and culture for media, speak at events, and produce additional branded content that was both professional but educational, yet entertaining.

Now, The Rapping CPA produces regular content in the form of videos, music, podcasts, vlogs, and written publications. The brand collaborates with other influencers in the industry, and offers a unique personality that organizations can partner with to produce various types of content and promotion. 

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